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Vloging in india

V-logs gaining recognition in India

From Ray William Johnson to Zoe Sugg, we have all seen them with a bit of jealousy on our minds but blatantly accepting their success; the video bloggers. They have been making us happy and entertained for like from the beginning of the YouTube. It is so interesting to see each day that more and more people are turning in to video blogging. Some of the succeed and others go unlucky for some reasons. Now as we are way past those days when v-loggers were looked upon with delight, I couldn’t help but notice that there are still so little v-loggers from India.

As India being a fast developing nation, the youth are so receptive to everything new, but this wasn’t so dominant in case of v-logging – the reason being many. The primary reason for this was, India as a developing nation has a very little number of people compared to its total population, who use YouTube for entertainment. And even if someone starts vlogging, it would be so hard to bring it up in to a nice competition with all those company-sponsored video blogs that are running around in India.

Even though this used to be the case, it has been showing quite a change over the last two years. More and more people started using YouTube and they eventually started accepting the Vloggers from India. Hence Vloggers from India have started finding career on the YouTube. Now why is a video blog a better career option than other ways through which you could earn? It is better because it has a very different way of gaining acceptance and recognition. On YouTube it is easy to have your videos viewed by a few million people, if you have the right amount of keywords on the title as well as the description. And more over if the content of your video too is impressive, you stand a very good chance of winning the jackpot of going famous on the YouTube. Now once you get famous on YouTube, your each next videos will gain wide acceptance, just because it was so for the last video. This makes YouTube pretty impressive and supportive for the v-loggers. So Video Blogging proves to be a very interesting and much easier way to earn online.

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