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Skyrocket Sales and Boost Your Website Daily Traffic

How to Skyrocket Sales and Boost Your Website Daily Traffic

Digital marketing becomes fun and easy when we apply a strategy and we turn getting ground breaking results. A lot of folks tend to see digital marketing as a course which can only be effectively stirred by marketing experts with years of experience in the industry. To some great extents, experience really counts in this industry, but then, the experience will only yield significant results when you are up to date with the latest trends and marketing tactics in the industry. The market and the tactics keep on changing on a daily basis as new strategies kept springing up, this simply implies that you just have to stay updated and informed all the time. Let’s cut to the chase and get back to business, in this article am going to be brushing you up with the latest marketing techniques that will skyrocket your sales and also boost your ROI in no time if properly applied.

Take the advantage of smartphone users

Am sure you must have noticed the rage of smartphone use among younger and older folks in the society today, we just cannot afford not to have our devices with us, it’s like the perfect companion, in fact, and you must have  also noticed that smart phones are gradually taking the place of friendships this days, in the toilet, on the walk way, on train, in the airport, at the mall, just name it, you’ll always find people doing one thing or the order on their phones. This is a call for you to get your website and business smartphone ready, if you’re hesitating on the development of a mobile app for your business or website, then you need to wake up and stop hesitating as a mobile app is a must for your business if you want to stay afloat today in business. Also, your website must be highly responsive and compatible with mobile devices, for folks that use a WordPress powered website, there a number of plugins that can help optimize your website mobile view responsiveness, I personally recommend Jetpack WordPress plugin. And peradventure you website is not WordPress powered then you can consult your web developer to re-adjust your website mobile view for compatibility and responsiveness. Be rest assured of low bounce rate with this tactic.

Content Will Always Win

According to experts in the industry, relevant contents will always rule the digital marketing domain, with relevant contents published on your website the sky is the limit to the number of organic visitors to your website, you can have as high as a million hits on your website on monthly and daily basis is you are publishing original and relevant contents that people just cannot do without. The good thing with relevant contents is that it doesn’t only get you one time visitors to your visitors, they’ll be longing more from you if you feeding them with stuff they cannot get from somewhere else, before you know it, you do not need to chastise your visitors with newsletter registration pop ups on your website, they will willing subscribe to your email list for newsletters and updates.

Videos will make them purchase

Video marketing has really gained grounds in the industry today, according to Tubularinsights, it was observed that about 73 % of customers will make a purchase after seeing a video. As far as digital marketing is concerned, making a marketing video is one of the most powerful ways with which you can easily connect with your targeted audience as it gives you the flexibility of passing your message across to them in the shortest amount of time possible. You need not be a pro or have a professional videos camera to make a clear and compelling markets video, video making tools such as Video Burst will give your marketing videos touch of professionals. If you really want to stay afloat in the industry today you must harness the power in video marketing.

Maximize the use of Social media

The easiest and fastest way to connect and strict a conversation target with your audience is through social media. As we speak, over twenty billion people are actively registered on one social media or the other which simply implies that you have access to publicize your brand to billions of people within split seconds with just a single share. Technology has made publishing and marketing so easy this day, such that as you publish contents to your website it could also be automatically published to your social media accounts, isn’t that amazing? For folks that use WordPress, I recommend you download and install Jetpack WordPress plugin as it has the functionality of sharing your contents automatically to any of your social media accounts while publishing to your blog or website. Social media is also one of the easiest means with which you can connect and learn from industry influencers such as Neil Patel and the likes.

Revamp you email list

Am always so disappointed at times to hear some folks say email marketing is an archaic digital marketing technique, fine it is an old technology, but then it is the most effective methods with which you can easily generate organic traffic to your website because only visitors who are interested in your product and contents will subscribe to your email list. This is where relevant content also comes to play, you just have to continue feeding your visitors with what they want and they will forever stay glued to you.

In summary

  • Take advantage of smart phone user
  • Relevant content is the key and it will always win
  • Video marketing will skyrocket your sales
  • Social media connects you the world
  • Generate organic visitors to your website through email listing.

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