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Digital Nomad Life

All you need to know about a Digital Nomad’s Life

Do you ever dream of working from the comfort of your home and still earn as much as the person who wakes up early each day to beat the traffic and sits in the office all day? What about the dream of working as you get travel and see the world and meet new people? That is what digital nomadism is all about, in length I can as well say that a digital nomad is a person who leverages technology and internet to work remotely and generally conduct their lifestyle in a nomadic manner.

Go Location Independent.

Most digital nomads opt to digital nomadism out of boredom of staying at one place for a long time or out of passion. Generally digital nomads deal with blogging, copy writing, researching or fiction authors. Occasionally they also sell photographs. Digital nomads work online and hence tend to have specific infrastructure in order to work.

Unlike other travelers who tend to take vacations in order to take time off, digital nomads plan their travels around their work. They then stay at a specific place for some months before moving to the next place. While at their destination, they befriend locals and fellow digital nomads since they tend to be free in the evenings and weekends. They also have specific destinations since their work requires specific infrastructure. They camp in places that have strong network connections and where they can get working stations like offices. In an article, Frances .M. Thompson says that her destination depends with the workload. If she has a lot of work that needs concentration she decides to settle for somewhere silent where she can fully concentrate but if the workload is limited, she chooses somewhere filled with fun.

Digital nomadism is actually a way of having fun as you work that is one of its major advantages. You also get to meet new people after a specific time and get to learn new culture. Also work done out of passion is done better compared to work that is forced on you. Earning from the comfort of your home is actually most peoples dream if not everyone’s dream. On the other hand, it requires one to have a strong network connection hence the destinations are mainly restricted to big cities or towns. Settling also becomes an issue for the nomad since they keep moving from one to another hence starting families becomes hard. The nomad also takes some time to settle in their new environment which at times slows their working process.

Of course to some people living life as a digital nomad does not make sense at all, I mean why should you spend money moving from one place to another yet you can do the same work while settled at one place? On second thought I would go for life as a digital nomad any day anytime because I can still work and earn and at the same time have fun. Life is too short to be stuck at one place in this world anyway. You can read more about Digital Nomads on –
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