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6 Best Smart Home Apps

6 Biggest iOS and Android Application for Home/Domestic Automation

The digital age has gone beyond just building more powerful devices, the focus is less on power now, but more about being smart, devices are expected to be able to serve as personal assistants to humans not just at work in technical duties, but even into our various personal spaces. The Internet of things has taken this a step further, connecting devices to sensors on virtually everything, giving us superior control over our devices, and assisting us with carrying out our most basic and fundamental tasks all these have been integrated with smartphone apps such that commands can be sent with just a tap of the screen.

In this article, we’ll consider six top smartphone apps that bring automation right into the home.


This app which is only available on iOS provides remote control over home accessories like the locks on the door, ability to switch the light on or off, temperature regulation among other things, ever gotten into bed after a busy day and you realize you’ve not locked the doors or put off the lights in the room, Stringify says you don’t need to get up, just tap, and there goes the light, and the door gets locked.


Nest is fundamentally a climate control app, it offers remote control over the temperature in your living space even when you’re away at work, notifications are sent to keep you abreast of your home conditions, it is also designed to interface with other applications and automated devices to give efficient performance, nest is available on both the Apple and Ios platforms


Obviously, this is a security app, alarm.com helps you keep tabs on your home when you’re not around, there are notifications that alert you about any strange events going on, and video recordings of happenings at home which you can watch on your device and take appropriate action, aside these, alarm.com also provides control over home features like locks, lights, and temperature, the apple play store as well as Google play store offer this app for free download.


Here is another app available on both Google play store and apple play store that is designed to work with more than just one smart gadget or device, Savant gives you external control over home features like energy, temperature, lights, and locks, it comes with an attractive virtual dashboard and can help you to seamlessly navigate the control of various devices/gadgets in your house.

Google home

Google home takes home automation to the very next level and this app might as well just be the harbinger of how smart devices interact with software in the future of IoT, Google home can work with voice control, taking orders from the Google Assistant hardware, and returning answers within the window of a split second, and performing tasks quite quickly too, offers control of temperature, lights, and other home features, it is featured on both the apple and google play stores.

Samsung Smart Home App

As you can guess from the name of the app, the Samsung smart home app works with different Samsung devices, and unlike other apps, it is not restricted to just temperature, lights or security, gadgets like vacuum cleaners, washing machines, refrigerator, ovens and others are compatible with the Samsung Smart home app, however there is no apple store version of this app yet, and it is available only on the Google play store.

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